Atheist Bingo
No death penalty Sell
your body
Secular humanism Banning homeschooling Abolish chastity
The Lord's name
taken in vain
Vanity That's what
she said
Revealing clothing Temperance
is lame
Encourage kids
to doubt
Solstice celebration Our savior
Richard Dawkins
Gambling R-rated movies
Pharyngula Goth Scientists have
all the answers
Gay rights Live for today
Wife swapping Secular Christmas Chimps turned into people No free will Necrophilia

Atheist Bingo Rules

  1. Print out this bingo card. If there are multiple players, print out additional pages from (refresh the page to generate new cards).
  2. Wander around until you come upon two or more atheists having a conversation. Eavesdrop, but don't let them know you're listening.
  3. Whenever one of the common atheist beliefs, practices, or conversation topics listed on the board is mentioned by one of the atheists, mark it off.
  4. If you are able to mark off five squares in a row horizontally, vertically, or diagonally (or, for advanced players, all the squares) you win! Remember not to yell "Bingo!" out loud or the atheists might get you!
  5. Take your winning card to the nearest participating evangelical gathering place to claim your prize! If you live in a God-fearing community with laws based on Biblical truth (as they should be), don't forget to report the atheists to authorities!

(Printable card)

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